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Freedom Through Adversity

Jacqui Wharton

TEN Steps to Overcoming A Troubled Mind


Jacqui Wharton

An honours student in psychology, Jacqui is an expert in her field. Through years of research and practical experience, Jacqui incorporated both her scientific knowledge and spiritual insights into creating a prescriptive formula for overcoming a troubled mind – one which she used to pave her own journey toward peace and acceptance. This formula is shared with you in her first publication, Freedom Through Adversity.



Some would describe me as a toddler with a loaded gun – both friends and enemies saying “holy crap it’s pointed this way”, and much of the time is pointing at my own feet. While others are getting on with my life I am asking “but why but why but why” and sometimes I am more skilled at recognising the bizarre than noticing the things directly in front of me!

Of my achievements I have attained scores which placed me in the top 5% of undergraduates during my university studies in psychology, only after I stopped trying to achieve good marks. I also lost 45kg when I stopped trying to lose weight, and managed to transform my home when I stopped trying to get back to work.

Everything I wanted to study I seemed to become the subject of – psychology, theology, philosophy. I’ve learned more about philosophy looking at stationary in the post office than in a classroom, more truths from reading fiction than studying facts and more about psychology by being a patient than a practitioner!

I have broken all my promises, at one time everything I said became a lie once it left my lips. So I gave up on that too. Where I have felt I have been good at things, well they have been taken away and I threw away my moral standing for lust and greed and all other unthinkable things.
I have learned that I am capable of anything, and that’s not necessarily a good thing. I am someone who is good enough to do an ok job of what I am doing at the time I am doing it – which is about the only description I can give of myself. Also I have a limited ability to plan anything, am challenged by commitment and basically have to live one day at a time. I have no idea what the rest of my life looks like, and my past reads like either a comedy or horror story.

My writing, well it’s for me. It’s a time limited reference of my truth, love and hope. My cross is now my opportunity and against all odds I have surrendered my position to stop the internal war I have been fighting for so long.
I trust you will receive my books exactly how you are meant to.



Freedom Through Adversity
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