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Shirley Eldridge

How could life in a mining town be this dangerous?

"The sweltering heat of a Central Queensland summer proves to be a moody backdrop to Shirley Eldridge’s story which is part thriller, part psychological study and part story of intense mother-love.
The characters come alive and the relationship that develops between the lead character Cherie and Georgie-Girl is touching and delightful.
‘Georgie-Girl’ is also an interesting insight into the politics and petty jealousies of mining communities and also into the fascinating world of telephone psychological counselling."

Jacquie Mackay, ABC Capricornia




Shirley Eldridge (nee Macaree) grew up in Rockhampton and has lived half her life in Central Queensland, working in PR and later at a couple of mines. The other half of her life she has spent in different locations around Australia, using her background in psychology to work in the welfare sector, specialising most recently in suicide prevention in the west. She resides in Perth with her husband Barry, and has written The Rocky Girl and Twenty-Four Seven.

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Georgie-Girl by Shirley Eldridge
Published : September 2011
Format : 230pp 152mm x 229mm PB
RRP: $29.99
ISBN 13 : 978-19217875-0-8
Publisher : VIVID Publishing
Category : Adult fiction