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Tony Brennan

The sequel to  Eminently Respectable Capers.

Well, the old cardinal, Charles Cardinal York, is off again on a series of helter-skelter escapades which nearly drive his one-time secretary, Bishop Sammy Spotels, crazy.

The bishop, with the new responsibilities he has with his promotion, has no time to spare, but Charles shows no signs of slowing down and involves the long-suffering bishop in a series of roller-coaster adventures, this time involving a whole convent of Sisters.

Charles, with his unusual pet, is a difficult man to topple but, this time, with Mother Angelica, who has a black belt in Karate, he might – just might – have met his match.



...What an imagination to blend all the mysteries of the Catholic clergy (for Protestants) with entertaining nonsense. How you contrived one plot after the other is ingenious - and so many! ... It’s no wonder the readers clamour for more. You know your subject - and nobody to my knowledge knows it better. A mischief-making prince of the Catholic church - who could resist it? You are truly a master craftsman. – Anne Mc Donnell, Sydney



About the Author

Tony Brennan gained Post Grad degrees from University and spent some years lecturing in English Lit and then tutoring in Abnormal Psychology. He wrote academic articles then turned to Fiction. He began with Short Stories and his first book, 'Is There Anyone There?' was accepted and published by Ginninderra Press in 2016 which surprised him greatly. He then entered an International Short Story competition and was a prize-winning runner-up. With this boost to his ego he set about writing a six part Mystery series, called the 'Annie Watson Mysteries,' on the situation of those who were left at home during WW2. He spent a couple of years researching this period which changed the face of Australia. The first book in the series, 'And The Dance Goes Onwas published early 2017 while the second book in the series,'The Black Lamb'  was released August 2017. His third book, 'The Blight of Lady Emily' is now also available. Gertude is the sequel to  'Eminently Respectable Capers' a book of short stories which is just for fun.
Tony Brennan is Australian and lives in Sydney.













Gertrude - Tony Brennan
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ISBN: 978-1-925952-11-7
Format: Paperback C 229mm x 152mm
Extent: 188 pages
RRP: $22.95
Publisher: Vivid Publishing
Category: Fiction
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