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Get On With It

Kenneth Matthews

Active Career Management: A series of books targeting under 35s

Active Career Planning is a series of steps, and conversations with respect to how you want your career to evolve. Targeting under 35s, tertiary educated and probably in their first or second professional role who have encountered significant professional and personal headwinds in their life.

Your vision must evolve and sustain change in the face of personal and business interruption. Without some form of direction for your career, you leave control up to others, and this may in the long term leave you unfulfilled. What could have been if you had focused earlier? You can influence your success through regular and detailed planning and this book is our attempt to assist you along your career path.

So get on with it.

About the Author

Author Kenneth Matthews

Ken has achieved a Bachelor of Engineering and is a Graduate of Australian Institute Company Dir. (GAICD).
Ken has lived in four countries including Australia (Singapore, USA, Malaysia) and worked in countless other locations. He worked in C level roles with some of the worlds and Australia’s largest companies from Mining, Banking, Health Services, Labour Hire and Infrastructure. Throughout his career he was focused on delivering business improvements and change.
Later in life Ken established his own successful consulting company and entered the Board arena.
Ken has been involved in start-ups, MnA, Operations, Strategy, Commercial Management, and Technology. At all stages of his life, he mentored (Internal and External), recruited (Globally, nationally, and local) and worked with the recruitment industry.  



Get On With It: Active Career Management: A series of books targeting under 35s by Kenneth Matthews
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