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For Argument's Sake

Gilbert Cheron

Ten Stories

The run-of-the-mill characters in these stories inhabit small indistinct worlds, away from the limelight. 

They are shaped by personal events and their environment and view the world from that vantage point.

Some are flawed yet loving and stoic in their acceptance of their fate—with an uncanny sense of humour.

Some are very much aware of the reason for their fate; others aren't and stumble blindly through various situations oblivious of their impact on others. 

They are determined in their attempts to stay relevant in a modern world that is driven by technology and media as they navigate and negotiate their trials and tribulations.




About the Author

Cheron likes listening to music of his youth, losing himself on the internet, road trips around Australia, spending time alone with his wife, daydreaming, playing his guitar, pretending he’s 16 again.

Doesn’t like clubs or tribes, fundamentalism of any persuasion, one-sided excessive zeal, T.V binge watching, Reality shows, social functions, talking about himself.












For Argument's Sake by Gilbert Cheron
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