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Going Private in the Helping Professions

Adam Peaty & Joanne Thorpe

An Introduction To Starting A Private Practice

Going Private in the Helping Professions is a handy guide for helping professionals who may be considering starting up a private practice, or who have already started one and want to check if they are heading in the right direction.

This book covers the initial planning phase, the necessary compliance issues, practicalities, how to market a private practice, ethical issues and practitioner self-care. It’s essential reading for anyone considering starting a private practice.


About the Authors

Adam Peaty

Adam Peaty
Adam has worked as a social worker for over twenty years. He commenced working as a private practitioner in 2002 after nine years of full time work in social welfare agencies. He relied on private practice income from the beginning.  That was a little bit nerve racking at the time, but he has continued in private practice since then. The areas he works in are: assessments for the court system and fostering system in Western Australia, consulting with various agencies, training, supervision and mentoring of other helping professionals.



Joanne Thorpe

Joanne Thorpe
Joanne has worked as a social worker for over thirty years. She commenced working as a private practitioner in 1998 on a part time basis, transitioning from working full time in a counselling agency. Some seven years later she was working only as a private practitioner and has continued so to the present day. The areas in which she provides services are: assessments within the court system in Western Australia, counselling children and families, supervision and training of other social workers and supervision of art therapists. As well as having a social work qualification she has previously qualified as a general nurse and she is a qualified art therapist. She’s stopped nursing people but regularly uses art therapy techniques in her counselling.


Adam Peaty and Joanne Thorpe can be contacted by mail at:
P.O. Box 124 Fremantle, Western Australia 6959



Going Private in the Helping Professions by Adam Peaty & Joanne Thorpe
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ISBN: 978-1-925515-23-7
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