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Building Your Bali Dream Villa

Guy Morgan


Everything you need to know about building your dream villa in Bali. From sourcing land, putting together your team and creating a brief to dealing with construction, finding the right fixtures and fittings and living happily ever after in Bali. Illustrated with many beautiful and inspiring shots of some of Bali’s best known villas.


Inside the Book



CHAPTER ONE - The Beginning

CHAPTER TWO - Land ahoy

CHAPTER THREE - Design diary

CHAPTER FOUR - Design diary

CHAPTER FIVE - Walls and windows, finishes and fans

CHAPTER SIX - Collecting your crew

CHAPTER SEVEN - Learning your ABC: Administration, Budget and Construction

CHAPTER EIGHT - Breaking earth

CHAPTER NINE - Being a Bali neighbour

CHAPTER TEN - Managing and maintaining your dream



About the Author

Guy Morgan

Guy Morgan has lived and worked in Indonesia for more than 25 years, designing beautiful properties for dreamers. His love for Indonesia is pre-eminent in his life. From studying architecture at Adelaide University, Guy has traversed the world designing buildings that work with the environment and for his clients. Guy now divides his time between Sydney,Australia and Seseh, Bali where he oversees not only his architectural business but his successful villa paradise Tamu Seseh.

The Tamu Seseh project started with friends in 2002 and has since expanded into a successful holiday destination welcoming international guests to a truly Balinese-inspired

Guy has firsthand experience in buying land, designing for the Balinese environs, working with the local villagers and all that goes with it from attending ceremonies to providing temples for the villagers. Passionate about preserving what is Balinese, balancing it with modern living while navigating building on a remote island, Guy reveals all that is required to make a dream to build in Bali a reality.

Working together with his friend, writer and PR extraordinaire Lynne Payne, Guy has compiled his experience into a book that will inspire dreamers, inform doers, and demystify much of the process of turning a vision of tropical paradise into a reality.

Lynne Payne (co-author) has previously co-authored a book “Advance to Go” with a young entrepreneurial business woman which is due to go into second reprint and is selling as an eBook. She is delighted to have been invited to assist Guy (a long standing friend from her teenage years in Adelaide) in sharing his knowledge and infinite expertise in making living a dream a reality in Bali. Now living in Melbourne, Australia she has visited Guys’ projects and experienced firsthand his design work that can make any one experience Bali on a whole new level. So impressed with his vision and previous work balancing the environment, economics and beautiful design to create luxury her family has invested in Guy’s Lombok land dream – a whole new chapter.


Bali Villa - How to build



Building Your Bali Dream Villa by Guy Morgan
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ISBN: 978-1-925515-39-8
Format: Paperback A4 Landscape
Extent: 92 pages full colour
RRP: $39.95 Paperback / $11.99 ebook
Publisher: Vivid Publishing
Category: Non-fiction -- Building -- Reference


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