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The Happiness Kit

Janine Rowe

Would you like to be Happier, starting today?

The Happiness Kit’s easy-to-follow brochures are packed with practical advice and detailed action plans to help you create the life you want.

Topics Include:
How to live a happier life
Feeling blue
Have sensational relationships
Raise happy, confident children
Understand gay love
Heal grief
Raise your self-esteem
Learn to forgive
Create world happiness

And when you’re finished with the brochures you can give them away as gifts. Nine brochures and eighteen ancillary brochures create wonderful ways you can help yourself and others live the magnificent lives you dream of.

The life you want is in your hands.
Let The Happiness Kit take you there.




Happiness matters to Janine Rowe. When Janine’s son Ky Williams-Rowe died from complications after a motorbike accident, she had to teach herself to be happy again. Now, she wants to help others achieve happy, fulfilling lives. Janine’s home is in a peaceful valley in northern Tasmania, Australia, where she lives with her husband and 3 of her 5 children, all of whom are the light of her life.



Happiness Kit
Published : December 2010
Format : PB C-format 226pp
RRP: $20
ISBN : 9781921787225
Publisher : VIVID Publishing
Category : Non-Fiction - Self-Help
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