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Herbert Peabody
and his Extraordinary Vegetable Patch

Bianca C. Ross

Illustrated Tabitha Emma Bray

Herbert Peabody is a farmer who grows fruit and vegetables in his big, big vegetable patch at Mulberry Tree Farm.

When his niece Clementine and nephew Digby come to stay for the school holidays, Herbie can't understand why they know so little about vegetables.

But there's a bigger problem: Theo Knead-a-lot's famous bakery is under threat and he needs Herbie's help.

Can Herbie teach Clementine and Digby about the importance of vegetables? And with some hard work and a little bit of magic, can they make something extraordinary happen?




About the Author

Bianca. C. Ross is a writer, a small-time farmer and a friend of Herbert Peabody.

I’m Bianca Ross, author and friend of Herbert Peabody. Throughout my career in marketing and advertising, I’ve been lucky to work with children to research new products.

And, there’s something I’ve learned for both little people and big people: We don’t know what we don’t know.

One day, I was talking with a clever four year-old.

“Why is there a cow on this yogurt tub?” they asked.

“There’s milk in the yogurt, and milk comes from a cow,” I responded.

“But milk comes from a bottle in the supermarket,” they quite rightly said, because for them, it did.

And, that’s when I thought, “I need to do something.”

I was lucky to be a small-time farmer, and one day when I was on the tractor, the thought of a fun farmer who shows, not tells, children where food comes from began to grow in my mind.

Herbs morphed to Herbert, and beans and peas developed to Peabody, and soon I was sketching a farmer who would help kids understand how food grows, as well as the importance of caring and understanding others, in a happy, healthy world.

A dear friend introduced me to the incredibly talented Tabitha Emma Bray, who brought this funny sketch to life. And Herbert Peabody arrived.

Herbert Peabody is the farmer who helps kids grow up in a happy and healthy world, and both Herbie and I are grateful you are here!

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Herbert Peabody 
and his Extraordinary Vegetable Patch by Bianca C. Ross
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ISBN: 978-1-922409-02-7
Format: eBook edition
Extent: 120 pages
Publisher: Vivid Publishing
Category: Illustrated Children's Fiction