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Horisumi Kian Forreal


Nestled in a mountainous region in central Japan is a small town called Gifu and is the home of Horikashi’s private studio. Horikashi is a tebori master; the ancient art of Japanese tattooing by hand.

After doing a 13 year apprenticeship under a Japanese tattoo master and family, learning the ways of tebori and also making the tattoo hand tools from scratch, Horikashi has owned his own studio for 7 years where he tattoos and paints full time. Known for his large scale traditional Japanese body suits, and also for his incredible painting and art skills, he has collated his best irezumi artwork and their corresponding outlines in to one epic reference book: Horikashi Vol.1

This is a limited edition collectors item and a beautiful representation of Master Horikashi ‘s skill and dedication to tattoo art. This book will be launched at The Sydney Tattoo Expo Australian Tattoo Expo March 15-17 where Horikashi will be doing personalized book signings himself.








Horikashi by Horisumi Kian Forreal,
ISBN: 978-1-925846-69-0
Format: Hardcover 340mm x 240mm
Extent: 168 pages
Publisher: Vivid Publishing
Category: Non-Fiction -- Tattoo Art
Distribution: Contact Authentink