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How I Survived Life

Neil Cooper

(Our Hero)

For readers who recall the days when we had a sense of community, reality and humour, well, this book has it all in abundance, without pandering to political correctness. It’s worth a read. The first from this author, it was written over fifteen years with a unique style that embraces first and third person narratives, with some serious aspects of life added to the epistle.

It runs through popular themes such as work, countries, music, sport, animals, family, and survival. Bear in mind that Neil was born in the forties and was a product of the sixties when men were men – and women seemed quite pleased about that. It depicts real life experiences, some serious, but draws humour from many unlikely sources.

Critics may say that the humour is of the lavatory type, but that’s exactly where some did come from. Neil also identifies some of the idiosyncrasies in life and death, like council workers. Neil’s response to millennial protagonists when they whinge about life’s inequities is “you’re talking to the wrong person”.

About the Author

Neil Cooper, the author of this book, henceforth to be known as “Our Hero”, was born in 1944 in a village called Shirebrook, an innocuous mining community in Derbyshire England. Not an auspicious start in life, but he made up for it later.

He was destined to join the ranks of literary giants when he came top in Written Expression at that pinnacle of educational England: Burns Lane Secondary School in Warsop.

Neil has four siblings and five children. He has worked in four countries on three continents and now lives in Hervey Bay, Australia.










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