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In My Backyard

B.P. Brattus


In an overgrown backyard with bushes wild and free, lives some magical blue creatures not like you and me. They dance and leap all through the night, but when this boy tries to show his parents... those crafty creatures vanish into the warm, dry night. Is he dreaming or can it be true? Those odd looking creatures so tiny and blue.


in my backyard

About the Author

B.P Brattus or Brattus for short, is a new children’s book author and illustrator.

With a passion for drawing and creating, the number one wish for Brattus is for children to enjoy the magic in books and to capture their imaginations.

You can only be a kid once.



In My Backyard by B.P. Brattus
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ISBN: 978-1-925341-59-1
Format: Paperback 250mm wide x 210mm high
Extent: 28 pages full colour
RRP: $14.95
Publisher: Vivid Publishing
Category: Illustrated Childrens Book