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Within Those Ivory Towers

Frank Storey

The inside story of Australian universities and academia

An entertaining source of information for anyone with an interest in university life. 

Intriguing for those inside the ivory towers, and many outside, this book will hold broad interest for academics and graduates, as well as students and their relatives. Frank, informative and readable.

Chapters include
The Best University,
Millionaires on Campus,
Sex and the Citadel,
Academic Eccentrics,
Climate Change,
God Professors,
The Wild Ones,
Glass Ceilings,
International Students,
Racial Attitudes,
Clashes of Culture, and
Communicating with the Public.










Within Those Ivory Towers by Frank Storey
Published : NOVEMBER 2010 - OUT OF PRINT
Format : PB B-format 244pp
ISBN : 9781921787188
Publisher : VIVID Publishing
Category : Universities - Australia -    Evaluation