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Jesus Law!

Annette Kwan

What is Jesus Law?

Jesus Law is the art by which the Son, in His faithfulness and obedience to His Father, applied and innovated the way, the truth and the life of God, to become the full stature of Christ.

All believers and disciples of Jesus Christ are under the New Covenant. We are the beneficiaries of the Covenant for the Forgiveness of Sin when we repent and believe in the Name of Jesus, the Son of God. Therefore, the only body of law we are to obey fully is the Law of Jesus, which is comprised of the commands, regulations and decrees directly spoken by Jesus as is written and recorded in the four gospels, Acts 1 and the book of Revelation. Read more >


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Published : March 2009
Format : Hardcover 416pp
RRP: $39.95
ISBN 13 : 9780980597202
Publisher : VIVID Publishing
Category : Historical Fiction
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