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Nicole Poiana

It is 2150. Kaylin is one of the best assassins of her time – cold, calculating and emotionless. She is an unstoppable killing machine. Until now…

From the moment she laid eyes on her target Emerick, she had known this job was not going to be like the others. The handsome, soft spoken liege stirred something in her cold heart which caused her to question everything in her life.
With only a few days to complete her mission Kaylin finds herself torn between her job and her heart.

Will she kill the man she loves to save herself?


About the Author

Nicole Poiana

Nicole was born on the central coast of Queensland, Australia and grew up in one of the wettest towns in Queensland. Nicole started writing after a high school project sparked her interest in poetry, she continued to write poems for her own enjoyment before turning her hand to story writing.

Nicole's previously published books include Captured and Tormented.

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Kaylin by Nicole Poiana
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ISBN: 978-1-925515-29-9
Format: Paperback A 182mm x 112mm
Extent: 216 pages
RRP: $15.95
Publisher: Vivid Publishing
Category: Australian fiction


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