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KISS Method of Cooking

Sandy Koutalis

The KISS Method of Cooking has selections for entrée, main meal, desserts and treats to spoil you. The soups are quick, delicious and simple to make. Side dishes include mango with two-minute noodles, sweet potato mash, cheats fried rice and so much more. There is a simple way to make white sauce without lumps in the microwave. Corned beef, roasted lamb, meat loaf and other mains. Date loaf to delight, chocolate paté to inspire your taste buds. Simply food for every occasion.

Whats Inside

ANZAC biscuits Pg 54
Apple strudel Pg 43
Avgolemony Pg 37
Bacon and bean stew Pg 9
Bacon, cheese and rice pie Pg 10
Baked custard Pg 49
Basic white sauce Pg 1
Bread and butter pudding (with chocolate) Pg 50
Caramel dumplings Pg 68
Champagne pastry Pg 72
Cheats fried rice Pg 25
Chicken and almonds Pg 16
Chicken and pesto strudel Pg 33
Chinese beef and walnuts Pg 19
Choc bit slice Pg 52
Choc chip cookies Pg 53
Chocolate ice cream Pg 60
Chocolate nougat Pg 67
Chocolate self-saucing pudding Pg 61
Chocolate Toblerone cheesecake Pg 65
Coconut slice Pg 56
Continental chocolate slice Pg 59
Corn bread Pg 48
Corn cakes Pg 47
Corned silverside Pg 3
Country pasta with ricotta Pg 32
Couscous salad Pg 4
Custard for puffs Pg 71
Date loaf Pg 63
Frittata Pg 15
Icing Pg 64
Lasagne Pg 17
Leek and potato soup Pg 40
Lemon coconut slice Pg 58
Lemon meringue pie Pg 75
Mango and two-minute noodle salad Pg 28
Mars bar slice Pg 55
Meatballs Pg 5
Meat loaf Pg 6
Onion soup Pg 39
Pancakes Pg 44
Peach kuchen Pg 69
Pikelets Pg 45
Plum pudding Pg 51
Potato and corn relish Pg 27
Profiteroles Pg 70
Pumpkin, sage with browned butter and pasta Pg 24
Risotto Pg 14
Roast lamb Pg 11
Sausage pie Pg 30
Scones Pg 46
Spinach and ricotta cannelloni Pg 31
Steak Normandy Pg 12
Sweet potato and pineapple salad Pg 22
Sweet potato mash Pg 26
Sweet potato with butter Pg 23
Tuna and corn pie Pg 8
Tuna fish cakes Pg 29
Tuna mornay Pg 2
Tuna pasta with lemon and parmesan cheese Pg 7
Vegetable lasagne Pg 18
Vegetable soup Pg 38
Vegetable stack Pg 20
Vegetable strudel Pg 13
Viennese biscuits Pg 57
Warm potato salad Pg 21
White chocolate cheesecake Pg 66



KISS Method of Cooking
Published : April 2011
Format : Coil Bound A5-format 86pp
RRP: $15.00
ISBN : 9781921787409
Publisher : VIVID Publishing
Category : Cooking -- Recipes

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