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The last cyclo to Thanh Da

John J. Pullinger

Manila hotelier Steve Conway returns to Vietnam to look for an old wartime friend and falls in love with a local girl. But the relationship is threatened by cross-cultural differences, family resistance, and a jealous, dangerous suitor.

Conway persuades his employers to allow him to look at expanding their operation in Saigon. He has found the love of his life and the relationship blossoms but behind the scenes he is unaware that moves are taking place to bring about its destruction. He also does not realise he is being stalked by a crazy ex-Marine intent on killing him.

What started out as a short holiday becomes a turning point in Steve Conway's life, leading to a roller coaster ride of love, hate, murder and ultimate tragedy.

A captivating story of cross-cultural love spiced with action and unforgettable characters. The Last Cyclo to Thanh Da: An absorbing novel that brilliantly captures the heartache of cross-cultural love complicated by the presence of a dangerous ex suitor and the spectre of a crazed former Marine intent on killing hotelier Steve Conway. While on holiday in Vietnam, Conway's life changes dramatically in this touching, often terrifying story of love, lust, hate, murder and ultimate tragedy.
- Glyn May: Veteran journalist, international communicator, and consultant to major tourism industry corporations in the South East Asian


One of the best and most sensitive novels I have read about my country. It shows the writer has taken the time and trouble to try and understand the differences between Vietnamese and Western culture. He writes with compassion and clarity of the gulf that often separates those who try to cross the cultural barrier. Well written and I highly recommend this work. - Tran Van Huong, Saigon

The plot of TheLast Cyclo to Thanh Da had a strong effect on me and it is not only intriguing but also thought-provoking. Besides, it had an added value in terms of more cultural and geographic knowledge of South-East Asia, gave me the flavour of the local life and traditions. Really special about the book is that like the first one it gives the effect of a physical presence at the scene, creating a feeling of travelling through time, space and history. Bottom line: the book is highly recommended to every reader who wants a bright, adventurous, thrilling and at the same time romantic novel that (s)he will read in one breath". - Elena Meysak, Moscow

Book two of John Pullinger’s trilogy ‘The Last Cyclo to Thanh Da’, set in Vietnam, finds the hero, veteran Steve Conway, on a journey, to find an old wartime friend. The devastated city of Saigon has become a booming free-wheeling metropolis powered by the God, Honda. A romantic interlude engulfs Conway in a cocktail of violence and murder fuelled by deception, the clash of cultures and the undercurrents of hatred still festering in the minds of some combatants from both sides of the Vietnam conflict. Pullinger’s knowledge of the language and customs is a masterful blend of travel odyssey and explosive action with a surprise ending. - Jack Wilcox AM


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John J. Pullinger

John Pullinger, a former Travel writer, English teacher and hotelier was born and educated in Brisbane, Australia.  He has lived and worked in and out of South East Asia for over twenty years. He built a bar/restaurant in the red-light district of Manila where The last cyclo to Thanh Da is set.  He now lives in the idyllic artists, writers and craft colony of Maleny in southern Queensland and continues to travel widely throughout South East Asia researching material for more books on the region.

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The last cyclo to Thanh Da by John J. Pullinger.
Published : November 2011
Format : PB C-format 296pp
ISBN : 9781921787218
Publisher : VIVID Publishing
Category : Fiction / Phillipines / Travel Writing