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Laugh, You Buggers, Laugh

Nigel Gray

Selected Poems (1967-1979) and the Life and Times That Inspired Them

Laugh, You Buggers, Laugh is no ordinary collection of poems. Nigel Gray led an extraordinary life in extraordinary times. He was a political activist and performance poet in the UK during the days of rage and hope, flower power and free love, radical social change and political upheaval that typified the 1960s and 70s. He travelled on political forays to Southeast Asia, Africa, Ireland, and mainland Europe. This is a selection of poems from that time set in a context that explains the situations and experiences that inspired them.


About the Author

Nigel Gray

Nigel Gray, acclaimed for his honesty and his compassion as well as for the clarity and elegance of his work, is a multi award-winning author of extraordinary diversity. He has written books for children from pre-school age to Young Adult.

For adults he has written novels, collections of stories, non-fiction, poetry, and memoir. He has had more than a hundred books published in twenty-six countries and twenty-four languages.

As well as degrees from British universities, he has a PhD in Creative Writing from The University of Western Australia. Born in Ireland in 1941, He has lived in Kalamunda in Western Australia since 1988. He is a past President of the Western Australian Centre of International P.E.N.

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Laugh, You Buggers, Laugh by Nigel Gray
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