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Lepers on an Ocean of Lies
Who are the royal targets?

Trevor Trigg

The 3rd in the Peter Piper crime thriller series.

The action-at-full-throttle follow-on from 'LAPEL' and 'Looming August Eighth' crime thrillers.

1990. Peter Piper and police superintendent Robbie Burns are in the thick of it. A member of a royal family has been brutally murdered and the threat is that royals will be targeted until deals are done and vast sums of money are freed from Swiss accounts. Royal murders may be subterfuge and levers for a tyrant to go to war to subjugate a whole population and gain control of a major part of world energy — and its price.

The counter, to a tyrant’s subterfuge and lies, is to create an ‘ocean of lies’ that will buy the time to protect royal targets, rescue innocents, kill or capture murderers, and close down the sea-going conduit for assassins and terrorists.

Peter and Rob are in the crosshairs, but so is a ship that they have pirated to sail on their ocean of lies. Success or deadly failure can only be determined by a desperate run to sea from enemy forces in the Persian Gulf.

Ramifications are global. British focus is intense. MI6 has an agenda that Piper and Burns must overturn in order break through. A white-knuckle ride through firefights and naval engagement; it can turn on a penny.

About the Author

Author of 'LAPEL', 'Looming August Eighth', and now, third book in the series of Peter Piper thrillers, 'Lepers on an Ocean of Lies'. Trevor is a shapeshifter and change-maker. Born in Sydney, his close companion for twenty-five years was a horse. Horsing around led to him having a stainless steel ankle; a bionic man.

After several decades in financial and senior management (CFO/CEO), the creative muse remodelled Trevor into an award-winning poet and balladeer. All the while, Trevor’s lifelong interest in art and technology caused him to maintain a workshop and studio where his research enabled him to create unique artwork that sold internationally and through his own gallery in the 90s.
From his tree-change in Warragul, Trevor takes a regular sea-change on Raymond Island where he indulges his love of the water and messing about in boats. Boatbuilding has figured in his scarce spare time, along with playing guitar and tinkering with his classic 1934 phaeton-bodied car.











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ISBN: 978-1-922565-19-8 (ebook edition)
Format: eBook (epub + mobi)
Extent: 224 pages
RRP: USD $3.99
Publisher: Vivid Publishing
Category: Thriller, Mystery & Suspense