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Loti and the Storm

Andrew Aggebrink-Jones

A Surfing Fable


As surfers we position ourselves on a great divide, the edge of the Earth.  It's a special place where the ocean meets the land, another world full of raw energy and amazing sights. We get to ride that energy and have a front row seat to the greatest show on Earth.’


Loti had always been fascinated by the ocean.  He loved to watch the wind and waves.
Angelo’s first wave was something he would never forget.  The sensation was enough to keep an interest in surfing forever.

One almighty storm brings a stranger to the shores of a remote South Pacific island.  The small village of Navou would never be the same again.

‘Loti and the Storm’ is light hearted fable about Surfing, Sailing, the Ocean, Friendship and Adventure.


"Once I began writing this tale, I felt compelled to complete 'Loti and the Storm'.  This started over 8 years ago whilst my wife and I were working and living in the French Alps.  Although I love snowboarding, I must have really been missing the waves.
    I was inspired to write this little fable by reading a few of my favourite books.  I also had the privilege to re-live a few life time adventures.  In particular, the trip to Cloudbreak and Momi Bay village in 1991 and the sailing trip on 'Dr Jazz', up the coast of WA to Indonesia with my father and brother in 1997.
Originally, I began writing this tale for my two young nephews.  Now, with two amazing children of my own I would have to say I have completed this project for them.   
I like the idea of giving something back.  If only one person is helped by the underlying positive message in my book, then it has been all worth it.
I can only hope you enjoy reading ‘Loti and the Storm, A Surfing Fable’  as much as I have enjoyed putting it together." 
Andrew ‘Jonesy’ Aggebrink-Jones
“There are no mistakes, only lessons.  Everything in life happens for a reason”


About the Author

Andrew ‘Jonesy’ Aggebrink-Jones lives on the Tweed Coast of Northern NSW, Australia. He is fortunate to live on the beach with his wife, their two amazing children and the family dog. Born in the UK, raised in Western Australia by his English father and Swedish mother, 'Jonesy' is fortunate to have spent many years adventuring around the world.
He is passionate about many things; Surfing, Sailing, Writing, Music, Family, Travel and ‘living it large’, to name just a few.  













Loti and the Storm by Andrew Aggebrink-Jones
ISBN: 978-1-925171-62-4
Format: Paperback B 198mm x 128mm
Extent: 144 pages
RRP: $16.50
Publisher: Vivid Publishing
Category: Surfing -- Juvenile fiction
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