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Modern Algebra for Ancient Geometry

Bill Todorovich
& Ed Walker

Volumes One & Two

Within Modern Algebra for Ancient Geometry, the neglected gems of geometry have been captured and tamed for those who are interested in truth, knowledge, beauty, and the understanding of the theorems that underpin them. Certainly not your average mathematics book!

This newly developed form of algebra, devised by math afficionados Bill Todorovich and Ed Walker, enable both amateurs and experts to grasp the elusive (and often difficult) concepts of both Euclidian and Projective Geometries. The method of Trilineal Coordinates is elegantly defined and merged with the well known Cartesian Coordinates, enabling one to decipher the geometry of the triangle with all of its intriguing properties.

Tribute is also paid to the great minds of geometry in the "Kimberling Encyclopedia of Triangle Centres", where a light is shone on the great works of Brocard, Euler, Lemoine, Steiner and more.

This tome of theorems, with their solutions displayed in full colour diagrams, figures, and tables, will certainly appeal to those interested in mathematics, physics, music, design, or anyone who's simply looking to delve into the enchanting world that is geometry.

About the Authors

Bill Todorovich is a Mathematician with a lifetime of experience in the endorsement of the beauty and necessity of all things mathematical. He graduated with a degree in mathematics from Macquarie University in Sydney N.S.W.
He then pursued actuarial work with a life insurance company, (M.L.C) in Sydney.
After getting married to Margie in 1981, the couple moved to Perth W.A. and there Bill lectured and tutored in mathematics at Edith Cowan University, whilst also practicing the art of luthiery and guitar music. Both of these inspired Bill to write this tome. Bill lives a busy and full life with Margie, his two daughters Billie and Ebony, son Leon, and daughter-in-law Elspeth, and lots of animals!

Ed Walker was born in Perth W.A. and educated in Fremantle. He graduated with a degree in medicine from the University of Western Australia. Ed is married to Cheryl and has 4 adult children and 5 grandchildren.
He has been a general practitioner for fifty years, and very much loved and respected by the local community.
Bill and Ed became great friends as Ed was the Todorovich family's  G.P., and Bill tutored Eds children in mathematics in their high school years and beyond. Ed has had a lifetime interest in Mathematics.
Now that Ed has retired from general practice, two of his passions are caravanning with Cheryl and their beloved dog around W.A., and mathematics publishing.



Modern Algebra for Ancient Geometry by Bill Todorovich 
& Ed Walker
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