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Magic with the Juggleician

Brandon 'Jellyfish' Neale

Over 50 magic tricks almost all done with household items

A series of fun and easy home based magic tricks great for the whole family, as well as developing a show of your own. Full of interesting, creative tricks for all ages including key magicians terms, secrets that should never be broken, and an insightful guide into the beginning tricks behind a professional magician. Filled with over 50 great illusions, you can become the up and coming magicians of our future.


About the Author

Brandon 'Jellyfish' Neale

Brandon (Jellyfish) Neale is a self taught magician, providing entertainment to many kids since a young age, performing at kid’s parties, functions and events. He is an experienced juggler and balloon artist, and in his spare time enjoys sports, animal care, and practicing/learning new skills. Brandon hopes this book will help to assist younger kids to perform tricks of their own and aspire to become magicians of the future.











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ISBN: 978-1-925171-77-8
Format: Paperback C 205mm x 152mm
Extent: 90 pages
RRP: $22.95.
Publisher: Vivid Publishing
Category: Magic tricks