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‘Black Bold ‘n Beautiful’- Marrying an African?

Florence Olugbemiro

“This book tantalises the sense buds! It forms the basis for many thoughts, allows the reader the flexibility to bend it to suit their needs and leaves you wanting more. It’s encouraging to read success stories of couple’s that have crossed the cross-cultural barrier and allowed their love to grow. Well done Florence, I can’t wait for your next book!” - Ann Osifo

In her first book, Florence writes from her heart about a subject which is close to her-love which can flourish despite the barriers of colour, race and diverse cultures. ‘Black Bold ‘n Beautiful’ is a fascinating look at the saga of cross-cultural marriage and love relationships in the Nigerian and Australian contexts and the collision between an individualistic and a more collective culture. It is not just about finding the right partner but nurturing existing or yet-to-be bonds. It offers practical tips on discovering together the shared values and hopes you may build on to strengthen your relationship. The author’s keen anthropological eye and ability to articulate ‘African’ and ‘Australian’ values, tantalizes the sense buds, and enlightens with insightful comments and observations. Threaded through is a respectful curiosity about human beings, their needs, desires, self-unearthing and the journey to lifelong relationships. Travellers will find many absorbing descriptions of the diversity of the recognised ‘happiest people on earth’ and cultures of Nigeria, a country many westerners will yearn to know more about.


What Others Say

"Firstly, congratulations on getting your book published, what a wonderful read it was. What a fantastic and thought provoking read it was indeed. I feel it has certainly become a bible for me somewhat. I am always quoting Nigerian proverbs, interpretations or sayings to family and friends. I have certainly altered the way I deal with people “not being quick to judge” understanding cultures, interpreting body language, the way we communicate with one another and just appreciating peoples backgrounds and religions. Being that I am Zimbabwean I found that there were certainly many similarities in the Zimbabwean and Nigerian cultures. Well African culture as a whole are very similar. It certainly made me reflect on my culture, my values, religious beliefs, respect and certainly the way I communicate in my relationship.

I am not certain if Zimbabwe has its own proverbs as my upbringing was bordered on 35% traditional with 65% English or more western, I actually believe I am more in-touch with my culture now than I have ever been. Reading your book just highlighted that for me. I cannot stop talking about it to my friends and family and just the diversity around cultures, what is our culture? What are our religious beliefs, tolerance and acceptance levels in our relationships. I have certainly told everyone I know about this book I certainly hope it will bump up the sales for you. I actually may purchase a few as Christmas presents for my friends and family. Thanks again Florence for writing such a great book." Rachelle, Sydney


Florence comes from the East of Nigeria and immigrated to Australia with her husband and children late 1990s. Florence was troubled by the high divorce rates in Australia and an encounter with a number of women from failed marriages raised discussions on causes and prevention of breakdown in marriages which inspired her to write the book.  Florence writes from her heart about a subject that is close to her and her enthusiasm shines through.  “ Florence is passionate about multiculturalism and diversity. Her first novel reflects that.”  Black Bold ‘n Beautiful is a fascinating look at the cross-cultural marriage, love and relationships in two vastly different countries. The book offers practical tips on discovering shared values and hopes that couples may build on and strengthen their relationship. This book is more than a guide to successful cross cultural marriage, it contains the values and perspectives needed for a vibrant, harmonious and productive diverse society.   Professor Kevin Dunn UNSW


I thought this book was a good practical guide to cross cultural relationships. It contains insights useful for everyone considering a committed relationship, even if there are few cross cultural issues. It is thought-provoking and reminds us of areas that we need to address. As a reader who does not share Florence religious views, I nevertheless found the book very valuable and her sensible, friendly and down-to-earth style makes the book very readable for everyone. One of the key features is her emphasis on friendship as an essential component of a love relationship, something that is often under-estimated when romance and passion are at their height. Of course these are wonderful but when friendship is added to the mix, love is truly enduring. Florence also talks about the importance of understanding each others value systems. It is important for each partner to be able to talk about these things and reach an understanding before committing to a relationshipp that may otherwise be based on limited understanding of where the other partner ‘is coming from’. The sections of the book dealing with the contrasting collectivism of African cultures and the individualism of Western cultures can help develop understanding and tolerance of each others ways of thinking and acting and form the basis for negotiating a life together. I also enjoyed the inclusion of African proverbs and sayings and the explanation of these was useful. Joan S



Black Bold 'n Beautiful
Published : MAY 2010
Format : 82pp Trade Paperback
RRP: $10.00
ISBN : 978-0-9807578-2-8
Publisher : VIVID Publishing
Category : Inter-racial relations

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