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Keys to Preserving Your Destiny

Pastor George Mfula

How to Prosper And Walk In dominion In Spite of Adversity And Frustration In Life!

Keys to Preserving Your Destiny is essential to read because it provides unique and profound spiritual insights to help you grow in the knowledge and love of God. In this book Pastor George Mfula exposes and explains how your God-given destiny can be preserved from destruction. He passionately explains that the biggest thing there is in life is destiny, so to have it fulfilled, spiritual attention is demanded.

He further goes on to explain what destiny is and is not. He explains that we are all carriers of destiny by virtue of our existence in God and that the word of God is the major tool designed by God to protect and release our destinies into diverse realms of success and progress.

Keys to Preserving Your Destiny will help you locate your God-ordained potential without sweat, and will enrich your life with spiritual power, wisdom and understanding. Pastor George Mfula says that “this generation has been taught who God is, but it has not been taught how to get intimate with Him.”

This book is a “MUST-READ” for all that desire practical change and fulfilment in life.



Pastor George Mfula is the founding Pastor of “RISE & WALK FAITH MINISTRIES WORLD WIDE” The ministry was founded in 2000 after receiving a “call” into ministry on a covenant platform of divine encounters with God; for two hours.

In the year 1997, he was in his “Prayer chamber” having divine fellowship with God; suddenly God said to him, “I am calling you into full time ministry” of (Ephesians 4:11). That was the starting point of this commission. What God said to him that day is what gave birth to this blessed ministry of SIGNS, MIRACLES & WONDERS.(Isaiah 8:18)




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Published : SEPTEMBER 2007
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Publisher : VIVID Publishing