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Mothers Memo

Lyn O'Rourke

A collection of newspaper columns by Lyn O’Rourke

These are small snapshots of home and family. While the global picture hurtles on through time and technology, growing even as it shrinks, changing even as it stays the same, this book is a reminder that the smaller picture of home remains pretty much unchanged and families still end up with three socks in the wash.
Lyn O’Rourke’s stories document the squabbling and mayhem, the magical and the embarrassing; teenagers’ years of cool, first date, first car, first overseas trip, all the stuff of family that, if we’re lucky, has been ours to share either as parents, or as kids ourselves.
Because, despite our changing world, chances are that future generations will still be able to count on home remaining the same old predictable, nonsensical place we too always knew and loved.
And if, as they say, home is where your story starts, then the odds are that these are your stories too.


About the Author

Lyn O'Rourke

Lyn O’Rourke was a columnist with Brisbane’s Sunday Mail and the former Sunday Sun through the 1980s and 90s. Her home today is in Sydney where fate has decided she and her husband, former editor and newspaper executive Rocky, should live in the same postcode as their daughters. Their five grandchildren are now within shouting distance and Lyn can take notes of history repeating itself.

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Mothers Memo by Lyn O'Rourke
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ISBN: 9781922022189
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Extent: 198 pages
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