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My Life as a Foreigner in the 1950s

Bruno Vartuli


As a young man in Italy’s Southern Calabria, Bruno Vartuli dreamed of starting a new life in a new land.
On his arrival in Australia in the 1950s Bruno struggled to understand the language and culture, but with tremendous strength and perseverance he overcame each adversity and achieved amazing results.
This personal story of assimilation and integration highlights the importance of equality in society and inspires us to embrace the differences between people with dignity and compassion.



About the Author

Bruno Vartuli was born in Arena, Vibo Valentia, Italy on 24 April 1925.
After World War II, Bruno completed twelve months of national service in the Italian army. He migrated to Australia in 1949. Later, Bruno was joined by Rosina and together they confronted a language they could not speak and a culture they did not understand. Against the odds, they worked hard to achieve their goals. They have three children and six grandchildren and are now retired.



In the Media

How a migrant‘s struggle became ultimate success
All migrants and refugees taking their first step in a new country are brave but in the 1950's there were no support services or welcoming community enclave. With sheer guts and hard yakka, this is how one man rose above all the odds, including racism which would not be tolerated today, to achieve his goals. Click to read full article.

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My Life as a Foreigner in the 1950s by Bruno Vartuli
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