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No Boundaries: Zimbabwean Migrants Abroad

Nobel Pasi

Exploring strategies and solutions for life in diaspora

Learn What Every Immigrant of Zimbabwe Should Know about Surviving & Thriving in a Foreign Country!

No Boundaries offers penetrating insights into the struggles of everyday life in the Diaspora, along with solutions to the challenges of living abroad. Part psychological self-help guide and part sociological analysis, No Boundaries is a must-read for every Zimbabwean migrant, as well as those wishing to migrate and those relatives and friends left behind.

“The book, No Boundaries is a fine read. It has excellent tools on how to deal with stress and ostracism. I felt overwhelmed by the way the book provokes you into thinking and engaging with the author on his discoveries and research. I absolutely enjoyed reading the book and as someone in the diaspora I found my mind wondering away to some things I experienced and asked myself, “If I had this book, would I have done things differently.” (Owen Mujuru, Perth, Australia)

“I found the book quite interesting and as I was reading I would pause and say Wow!!! this is so true because I personally experienced most of what the author discussed, such as difficulties with fitting in (with the host country society) and depression and stressful everyday life.”
(Simon Msara, London, UK)

From the desk of: Nobel M. Pasi

Whether you're a Zimbabwe immigrant living in a foreign country OR you're serious about trying to make a difference in the current crisis in Zimbabwe, you MUST keep reading…

Are you looking to move to a foreign country and worry about the cultural differences and how they will affect you? Are you a native of Zimbabwe already living as an immigrant in a different country and are having difficult assimilating into your new environment?
My name is Nobel Pasi and I know what it's like to leave the comfort of a country you know and how easy it is to move to a new country and face nothing but struggles. Still, for many Zimbaweans, the move to another country is a necessary part of life!
While native Zimbabweans grieve what they lost, those same migrants abroad are sustaining relatives back home with a modest but consistent cash flow. The Diaspora’s income is helping to shore up the desperately fragile Zimbabwean economy for those that are left home.
Necessity, But at a Cost. How Do You Survive?
Migrating to a new country can not only be exciting, but it can be scary and have a negative impact on a person's self-esteem. You already know where you came from. You know what conditions you lived in, good and bad. You've built a reputation there and are comfortable with your environment.
But what will you find and how will you be treated when you live in a different country?
Remember, when you leave your native country and move somewhere else, you leave behind your reputation, the qualifications and skill level you acquired in your home country. You basically need to start from scratch! This can leave many immigrants feeling lonely and depressed as they struggle to be successful in a new country.
It can be terrifying. But with such a growing population of Zimbabwean's leaving their native land out of necessity, it was clear there was a need to show people what they can do to survive such a transition. I made it my mission to be a "fly on the wall" and learn as much as I could about what skills helped people succeed, and where these immigrants went wrong.
I talked to a wide number of people who were immigrants in other countries, and to those who'd stayed, about the importance of each role and how to make the most of it.
After months of research and discussion, I wrote No Boundaries: Zimbabwean Migrants Abroad (Exploring Strategies and Solutions for Life in Diaspora), a book that gives real solutions and strategies to achieve a fulfilling life for both immigrants and native Zimbabweans living in Diaspora.

Here's a preview of what you'll get…

  • Contemporary Zimbabwe: A Population on the Move
  • Disappointment and Disillusionment in the New Host Country
  • Get Real, Get a Plan, Get a Grip: Positive Coping Strategies for Life In Diaspora
  • From Surviving to Thriving
  • Living in Cultural Limbo Land (page 59) The Desire to Return and Should You
  • The Role of the Diaspora to the Motherland

And more!

No Boundaries: Zimbabwean Migrants Abroad (Exploring Strategies and Solutions for Life in Diaspora) will show you exactly what you need to know, the 3Gs of success, when leaving your native country and moving to a new locale. You'll learn real strategies you can use to help you thrive!



No Boundaries: Zimbabweans abroad
Published : DECEMBER 2010
Format : PB C-format 120pp
RRP: $29.95
ISBN : 9781921787232
Publisher : VIVID Publishing
Category : Immigrants-Social life & customs

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