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No Chemicals Required

Beverly Barkway

A common-sense approach to your dog’s skin allergies, infestations and fears

This book is dedicated to all those unfortunate itchy, scratchy, flea-plagued dogs out there and was written for the benefit of all their carers who have been blessed with a very special friend but the ‘caring’ is now costing more than the household can afford in both time and money.

This easy to read guide will change your dog’s life forever. Scratching and itching will become a thing of the past and not a chemical in sight!

Find out the greatest cause of your dog’s skin irritation and how to stop it. Discover the powerful effects that Neem has on all types of skin conditions. Learn which homoeopathic first aid remedies to use in emergencies, which Bach Flower Essence formulas calm dogs if they are behaving badly, and about the sound dietary practices of the past. Break the vet’s cycle and help your dog easily and cheaply.

Beverly J Barkway Adv.Dip.Hom; Dip.Anim.Hom, a registered Classical Homoeopath, Animal Homoeopath and Owner/Director of two all-natural pet product companies gives you the benefit of her experience and common sense approach that guarantees Happy Dogs – naturally.

Very simple solutions to everyday complaints - cheaply and NATURALLY

Author Interview

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About the Author

Beverly Barkway

Beverly has lived most of her life in Melbourne, before moving to the Sunshine Coast in 2006, where she now lives with her husband Leigh and their two much-loved West Highland Terriers Maggie and Molly.

Beverly has an Advanced Diploma in Homoeopathy and a Diploma in Animal Homoeopathy and is certified in Bowen Therapy and Flower Essence Therapy.

She and her husband have founded and run an all-natural pet-product company called Naturapetics where they manufacture Bach Flower Essence formulations as well as neem-based pet shampoos, conditioners, powders, and sprays under their umbrella company Neempet™.

Homoeopathic preparations are available by consultation. Products and information can be viewed online at






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ISBN: 9781922022158
Format: Paperback 203mm x 127mm
Extent: 92 pages
RRP: $24.15 (ebook $9.99)
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Category: Non Fiction - Petcare
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