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Not About You at Work

Sharon Muggivan

This book has the potential to change lives, to enhance job satisfaction and prevent people from leaving a good job due to people and personality issues.

I believe most problems in the workplace occur due to a lack of understanding about people and human nature. The one concept of “it’s not about you” allows a person to step back and be more objective. This book is confronting as it forces the reader to take responsibility for their own behaviour in a workplace situation. Detaching emotionally is full explained as this is a critical factor in understanding that it’s not personal – it’s business.

The concept of “It’s all about me” explains how everyone has an agenda, not a sinister agenda but their own personal agenda for everything they do. Being able to step back and see the situation objectively allows you to maintain emotional balance rather than taking things personally. Another key concept is the understanding of responsibility. When a person complains about the workplace situation they often forget about their own responsibility to work effectively or communicate effectively in the workplace. You may not be able to change the people around you but you can change the way you respond to those around you.





Man of Dust by Kevin Staffa
Published : JULY 2010
Format : 116pp Pbk B Format
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