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Of Human Endeavour


This novel has been based on true stories. The characters are fictitious, brought to life by my imagination. The novel consists of five main characters throughout the book. There are other characters that dodge in and out of the stories, as in real life. They all interconnect with one another and with the main features of this novel.

The stories consist of fantasy, comedy, tragedy, births, deaths, love, rape and most happenings that life consists of. The actual basis of the book is the struggle against Alcoholism, Drug addiction and Prostitution.

The reason of my naming this novel, ‘Of Human Endeavour,’ is because of the eternal struggle of life’s battle against alcoholism and the continual fight of Good against Evil; with all the unanswered questions of having to cope with the effect, without knowing the actual cause.

Therefore, within these covers one will find a very humane story with plenty of philosophical and psychological answers, concerning life’s eternal struggle.

In this novel there are no specific religions, nor political situations mentioned. Nor are there any countries mentioned, as stories like these take place daily, all over the world. Humanity is composed of, ‘Forgiveness and Compassion.’



Yvette Altman was born in Lithuania. She emigrated to South Africa at the age of 4 and grew up in a small mining town south of Johannesburg. Her father was a builder and she spent many of her younger days with him on site. As an outgoing person she easily mixed with various characters and was fascinated by their behaviour which led her to write about them in later life. 



Of Human Endeavour
Published : APRIL 2008
Format : Trade Paperback
RRP: $29.95
ISBN 13 : 9780980597271
Publisher : VIVID Publishing
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