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Other Worlds
Colouring Book & Journal

Celese Heward

Colour • Write • Sketch • Create

Welcome to the first ‘Other Worlds Colouring Book & Journal’!

If you're new to colouring (as an adult) I invite you to explore this book slowly, and encourage you to experiment with colour, tools, and shading. You will be amazed at what you can do!

Inside you will find three separate chapters, all of which I absolutely love. Each illustration was lovingly created by hand with paper, pencil and pen, and designed specifically for this book;

Mythical Creatures

Legends and Warriors

Patterns and Exercises




I’ve also included journaling pages for you to record any wandering thoughts and ideas which may pop up while colouring, as well as some doodling and sketching pages at the back. I’d love to see how you’ve chosen to express yourself, and hope that your experience is a positive and inspiring one.

Have fun on your journey through these Other Worlds, and may you always dream in colour!

Love, Celese x


About the Author

Celese Heward

Other Worlds Colouring Book and Journal was created by Illustrator and Graphic Designer, full time Mother of two, Artist and all-round creative person, Celese Heward.

Celese has been a passionate illustrator and designer for many years, even working as an artist at Disney back in the day of hand-drawn animation. She worked throughout Australia and Europe before becoming a Mother, where the days are filled with homeschooling her two children, and the nights are filled with illustrating and design work.

Other Worlds Colouring Book and Journal is Celese's first epic adventure in creating colouring books for adults. Being a busy work at home parent she saw the need for deep relaxation and reduced screen time not only for helping minimise stress but for the chance to creatively express oneself. This combined with an appreciation for hand-drawn, original pieces and the apparent need for the expression of thought through writing, gave her the idea to add not only beautiful illustrations but journaling pages and sketch pages to the book as well.

Currently Celese lives with her family and the eternal sunshine in Queensland, Australia.



Other Worlds Colouring Book + Journal  by Celese Heward

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