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Bianca Leone

A Journey to Find Forgiveness, A Green Card and a White Fly!

Based on the True events of an Australian / Italian actress' social experiment to walk in the footsteps of her Mother, in the hope that she will find forgiveness, a green card and a white fly! 

Bianca Leone set out to leave her life behind in Hollywood, to embark upon a year long journey to see if the same conditions placed upon her, as her mother 50 years ago, when she as a young woman herself, left Italy for Australia, would experience the same level of confusion, loneliness and frustration.

This is Bianca Leone’s true story of her search to find answers, and help her mother’s spirit return to her home soil in a heartfelt ceremony, so she and her mother could finally have peace.


About the Author

Bianca Leone is an Australia/Italian actress who has been working in film, television and theatre for over 20 years. Bianca Leone has worked in Australia, America and Europe in stand up comedy, TV & film, commercials and theatre. Her passion as an Actor has enabled her to embark upon a social experiment that would change her life.









Passaparola by Bianca Leone


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ISBN: 978-1-925086-89-8 (ebook edition)
Format: eBook (epub + mobi)
Extent: 320 pages
RRP: USD $7.99
Publisher: Vivid Publishing