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CSIRO Perfidy

Geoff Russell

The truth about CSIRO's best selling "scientifically proven" diet, and its cancer causing central ingredient.

"Read this book: it may save your life. And if enough people read it, it just might save the planet."
Peter Singer, Professor of Bioethics, Princeton University

"You may not agree with everything in this book, but it's an important book. Everyone who cares about their own health and the sustainability of the earth should read it."
Dr Rosemary Stanton, OAM Nutritionist

"This book is a valuable contribution in the battle to keep our climate habitable. It explains, for a general audience, the climate science behind the call by the head of the IPCC for reduced global meat consumption."
Barry Brook, Professor of Climate Change, Adelaide University

Researchers in the 1990s discovered the similarities between damage to lung DNA from cigarettes and damage to bowel DNA caused by red meat...
" . . . red meat induced . . . [a reaction in the bowel ] similar to . . . cigarette smoke."
UK medical researchers --- 1996

CSIRO researchers are on the ball ...
"Earlier reports suggested that high intake of red or processed meats could be a risk factor [for bowel cancer]. Three large population studies have recently confirmed those earlier reports."
CSIRO research scientists --- early 2006

Documents obtained under Freedom of Information legislation show that CSIRO researchers informed the CSIRO Board
"Recent findings from [CSIRO] scientists have established that diets high in red meat, processed meats and the dairy protein casein can significantly increase the risk of bowel cancer."
CSIRO scientists inform the CSIRO Board --- April 2006

What did CSIRO tell the public? . . .
"Studies have shown that fresh red meat (beef and lamb) is not a significant risk factor for colorectal cancer."
CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet, Book 2 --- October 2006

Would you have risked your own and your family's health if the CSIRO Board had told you what its own researchers told it?


About the Author

With qualifications in mathematics, philosophy and years of experience scrutinising research protocols on the Animal Experimentation Ethics Committees at Flinders Medical Centre and the Department of Primary Industries in South Australia, Geoff Russell is well placed to analyse the research behind CSIRO's Total Wellbeing Diet. His professional career has been spent writing computer software for transport scheduling and timetabling --- including the Sydney Olympics. Geoff has also had work published in peer reviewed scientific journals on both nutrition and mathematics as well as popular articles in various news media such as The Monthly, Australasian Science, Dissent, The Age and The Advertiser. He is a life member of RSPCA and a current member of Animal Liberation (S.A.)



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