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Pictures not Words

Fiona Perry

A handy guide for easier communication

This book has been designed for hospital like settings but can be used in any setting that the reader sees fit. It is to enable easier communication between professionals and their clients/patients who may struggle to communicate verbally due to various operations, intellectual disability or are non English speaking.

Communication takes place by simply pointing to photos which have words explaining their meaning underneath. Either the professional or client/patient can use the book to advise what they are trying to explain e.g. milk with my coffee.

This book is only for basic communication and must never replace the need for qualified interpreters when serious and indepth conversations need to take place.



Fiona Perry is a Professional AUSLAN (Australian Sign Language) Interpreter with over 36 years experience specifically working within the medical field.

Fiona’s parents are profoundly deaf so she has grown up in both the hearing and deaf worlds, feeling very fortunate to have had the experience of two very rich cultures. She is also an Insulin Dependent Diabetic so has had to live within that world as well.
She is the proud wife of Stephen who is also profoundly deaf and has two lovely daughters, Jayde and Clare.

She does motivational speaking about the challenges of Interpreting, growing up in a deaf community and living with Diabetes. Being a Reiki Master she also runs Reiki related workshops within the community.
Fiona’s mum had a stroke and whilst in hospital she realized that communication became difficult between staff and patients. This is what inspired her to create Pictures Not Word: A handy guide to easier communication.

She lives in the Perth Hills, Western Australia with her husband Stephen and their 2 Boxer dogs Enzo and Daisy.


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Pictures not Words by Fiona Perry
Published : November 2011
Format : PB 229mm x 152mm
RRP: $24.95
ISBN : 9781921787775
Publisher : VIVID Publishing
Category : Visual communication.

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