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Prismatos Light

Ruby Collins

Alpha Ferne leads an idyllic childhood on Bruny Island off the South East Coast of Tasmania. Because of this isolation she lives within a bubble that is protecting her from the outside world. Her fascination of light optics starts from an early age when she watches on many a winter’s night the magical mystery of luminous pulsating shapes that form many pillars, wisps and streamers across the night sky; this known as the Aura Australis. Her Father Crisiant talks to her about the night lights and what they are. He explains he has been given an abundance of books that lay in an engraved wooden box in his bedroom and this is where Alpha believes her father has obtained knowledge beyond any mortal she knows. Perhaps one day she will get to read these also?

Alpha has a life changing experience when she is twelve after a close encounter with a UFO with her mother Eliza out the back of their home. Something disturbing from that night follows her on into her adult life; known to her and her Mother as the force within. She fears for her own mortality as well as for her family and friends; this feeling of losing control of her mortal mind continues to stay with her on into the later years that follow. She is different even down to the colour of her eyes; but why? She firmly believes that every human is here on planet Earth for a reason. She questions what part of the jigsaw she belongs to; is she here to help humanity save the planet Earth?



Prismatos Light
Published : August 2011
Format : 210pp A5 PB
RRP: $29.95
ISBN : 9781921787515
Publisher : VIVID Publishing


UFO/Earth/Light optics/Photon/Astronomy/ The big bang/Climate change/Extraterrestrials/Gamma rays/Ozone depletion/Tasmania.