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Trends in Project Management

Quay Consulting

Volume 1

Are the right projects being initiated and delivered effectively in your organisation?
Are the right people managing your projects in the right way?
Are the business change impacts of your project being effectively managed?

Project management is a multifaceted discipline and the path to success presents significant challenges for many organisations.  Effective project managers build the bridge between business need and technology capability, thus mitigating risk and promoting the desired outcomes of projects, programmes and portfolio management.

In this compilation, Quay delivers articulate thought leadership and insights on effective transformation and practical, real-world experience for delivering successful projects.


About Quay Consulting


Rod Adams and Michael Bolton

Established in 2006 by Rod Adams and Michael Bolton, Quay Consulting delivers business transformation through real-world, relevant knowledge to help create project delivery environments aligned to business capability and specific project demands.












Trends in Project Management by Quay Consulting

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Extent: 240 pages
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