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Red Cordial Man Adventures


The Deathening

Volume 2

Red Cordial Man’s pursuit of justice and general adventure continues in this thrill ride of non-stop action intrigue and high tension psychological battles.  His special and unique way of taking care of business in the action-genre world will leave the reader wide eyed and open mouthed in wonder and possibly outrage. 

If you are a fan of Batman and his fists of justice and like the no-rules of an Indy comic, and the dark humour of the damned, then Red Cordial Man is likely your hero of choice. 

He’s rough, he’s casual, he’s completely unrefined and raw. Without conscience or fear, just like a proper comic book hero should be.  No question. Plus, he’s super funny. In a dark and disturbing way.

Red Cordial Man Volume Two. 
The Deathening.


red cordial man 2

About the Author

Lambhead writes and illustrates on various subjects for many varied clients, some of his work even turns out ok.

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Red Cordial Man Adventures by Lambhead
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ISBN: 978-1-922788-46-7
Format: Paperback A4
Extent: 96 full colour pages
RRP: $18.95
Publisher: Vivid Publishing
Category: Graphic Novel
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