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Salted Herring


As a result of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact signed between the Soviets and Nazi Germany on the 23rd August, 1939, the Germans invaded Poland from the west and the Red Army invaded Poland from the east. The Soviets quickly annexed its newly held territory and hundreds of thousands of Polish people were rounded up from the area and sent to Siberia and other remote parts of the USSR.

This story is told through the young eyes of Tadek (Tadeusz Andruszkiewicz), who at the age of 10 was taken to Siberia and used as forced labour.
With the threat of starvation and death ever present, this is a story of survival in the harshest conditions – and a tribute to many who did not survive.

".... Just to let you know that I am 3/4 way through your book and I am really enjoying it in this new format. It is easy to read and exciting ..."

"... Thoroughly enjoying your book, congratulations. Took the book along with me on the bus and forgot to get off, was so engrossed in it ...."

'"... I really, really, liked it. I have read much about what happened at that time, but this really validates it ..."

'"... Book finished. You both did an excellent job. Ted, you are a remarkable man to have gone through what you went through and remained the person you are today..."




Published : APRIL 2010
Format : 250pp A Format PB
RRP : $19.95 AUD
ISBN : 978-0-9807009-7-8
Publisher : VIVID Publishing
Category : Biography