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The Little Black Book of Women's Secrets for Men

Julia Zed

women's secrets

Are You Frustrated…

…by the way your relationship is going? Maybe it’s far from the promised bed of roses? Well before you start looking for a shoulder to cry on, maybe we can take a look at how you relate to your wife.

First things first, did you read the warranty? OK, it’s not politically correct to compare women with merchandise, but there are some helpful parallels to be drawn here. Have you done the required maintenance? That super new latest model chainsaw you just bought won’t keep functioning well unless it gets its teeth sharpened, oil and the right fuel. You invest time doing that because you want to get the best performance and value out of the machine, don’t you?

You can’t neglect it and still expect it to keep on doing the best job. Where am I going with this? No, she’s not a machine, but just stay with me on the analogy for a moment and maybe there’ll be some helpful parallels! You took her for your own, so where your wife is concerned, you need to be the expert. There is no instruction manual, but you can write the book on her, so let’s be thorough.

Can you… Read her? Fix her? Melt her? Decode her? No? Don’t give up! I’m on your side. I want to give you seven keys to help you to do all this and more.




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Published : DECEMBER 2008
Format : HARDBACK 48ppp
RRP: $14.95
ISBN 13 : 9780980493474
Publisher : VIVID Publishing
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