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Songs About You

Hap Hayward

Lyrics From The Dead Salesmen To Underminers And Lots Of Stuff In-Between 1988-2012

"Heart wrung lyrics that are simple, intimate and emotive yet avoid the common muck of cliche. He grasped the holy grail of great songwriting: perfect, spare words that strip life to the bone." Sandra Bridekirk, The Australian

'Like Cold Chisel in the '70's and '80's, who were also known as an unruly bunch, The Dead Salesmen are able to speak directly of their own lives. Their songs are conduits of their time and place, concerned only with the world around them and inc consequences far the spirit and the possibilities of redemption." - Gregory Day, The Age

"Humourless sentiments and serious pontificating are clearly cathartic, but sometimes songs about peoples's mothers come under the banner of a-little-more-information- than-is-required." Lauren Zoric, Rolling Stone Magazine


About the Author

Justin (Hap) Hayward is releasing a book: 'Songs About You - Lyrics from The Dead Salesmen to Underminers and Lots of Stuff Inbetween (1988-2012)' . Hap has been lyricist and singer in the above bands ( plus The Nulty Grips) and a few other outfits since the tender age of seventeen, coming from the late eighties/early nineties Independent Music scene of Ballarat which gave birth to such legendary acts as The Mavis's, The Mockingbirds, The Fat Thing, The Boxing Tostados, Damaged, Spontaneous Human Combustion, The Five O'Clock Shadows, Epicure, The Rye-Catchers, The Fused and the one and only Patrick McCabe to name but a few. Hayward has decided to look back on his lyrical past and 'chuck it in a book!'

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Songs About You: Lyrics From The Dead Salesmen To Underminers And Lots Of Stuff In-Between 1988-2012 by Hap Hayward
Format: Paperback 229mm x 152mm
Extent: 196 pages
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Publisher: South Publishing
Category: Music lyrics | Poetry
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