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The Soul Whispers Poetry

Vikki Koplick


The Soul Whispers Poetry’ is the first in a series of poetry books. Fifty-six poems, each a relationship healing from the soul to humanity as a whole and individuals awakening to their paths.

Poetry to help navigate the opening spiritual path ahead. To come to grips with change and deeper connection to the soul. A different perspective, an opening of service to the planet through calling on our soul to awaken in the heart.

Complicated spiritual concepts can be easily understood through Vikki’s poetry. She hopes to demystify the stages of growth along a true path to peace, and show steps to follow to feel like you truly belong

Inside the book

Chapter One
Animals: This chapter looks at changes through the eyes of spirit, aiming to feel the deep heart-loving connection our pets provide us with.

Chapter Two
Nature: The soul does not see nature as an object. This chapter provides guidance and messages from nature within the beauty of the poem.

Chapter Three
Self: On a spiritual path many changes happen, but the biggest is the amount of self-love and growth in consciousness. This chapter aims to express and capture the emotions that seem to fly through the self, brave enough to connect to the blazing centre.

Chapter Four
Devotion: Through devotion, relationships thrive and expand. This chapter explores how we call on the mother and the father, on the universal oneness, to empower change and help us connect to the inner realms. We can't go into unity alone, so we call on divine help.

Chapter Five
The Beauty of Animals: An opening of the soul's beauty through poetry, this chapter looks at forgiveness through the eyes of the spirit, aiming to feel the beauty of humanity's love for animals. We can help humanity and ourselves let go of the shame, guilt and blame that rules our unconscious minds and keeps us finite in how we treat animals.

Chapter Six
Nature, Our Mate: This chapter provides a chance to ask Mother Nature for forgiveness for our ignorance. To truly be grateful for the beauty of our planet and the opportunity that messages from nature give us for inner growth.

Chapter Seven
Set the Self Free: On a spiritual path, there are many chances for us to forgive ourselves for not being perfect and free ourselves from the emotional pain we are in; to learn about self-love and growth in consciousness. But this can be stopped if we don't forgive. We can become bitter, losing any peace we have and falling into shame. This chapter aims to express forgiveness in every form: to be forgiven, and to forgive. Forgiveness can stop negative emotions that seem to fly through the self, making us brave enough to love the unlovable and forgive ourselves for our mistakes.

Chapter Eight
Loving Devotion: Through devotion, relationships thrive and expand. This chapter explores how we call on the Mother and the Father, on the universal oneness, to take our pain as we surrender in forgiveness. We let it go; it's not that we approve of what was done, but we wish to stay in the peace, so we leave it to a higher power and connect to the beauty of the unconditional love the divine has for us. We are building beauty in our relationships with the world. We call on divine help to stop us from sabotaging this journey into peace. The many names we use to describe the masters and our creator are a poet's dream subject. I hope to capture the scope of the help we can lean on in order to find enough strength to let it go – to surrender our pain and bask in the beauty of love again.

About the Author

Vikki Koplick lives in Australia with her husband, dog and cat. She has a grown daughter and son and many horses. Vikki is retired from nursing, finding time to look into her passion for all things spiritual – meditations and book after book, looking and searching for that connection that makes it more than a concept. This search has led her to find her soul’s vocation and mission. To find answers to the endless questions. To eventually become a writer and poet, and publish her poems in a few magazines before creating this book.

Vikki is an energy healer for animals and has done hundreds of healings for her clients’ pets. She is an intuitive healer, using her knowledge of energy and years of experience as an Enrolled Nurse to understand both the physical body and the etheric body.

Vikki is a clairvoyant, an empath, an animal whisperer and an animal medium. She is able to speak to the spirits of nature and animals, and has great insight into and knowledge of light, which she expresses freely in her poems.
On her journey, Vikki learned how to start to forgive herself and love herself. This showed her how much guilt and shame she was holding within, which allowed others to blame her for many things and in turn created more shame to hide.

Complicated spiritual concepts can be easily understood through Vikki’s poetry. She hopes to demystify the stages of growth along a true path to peace, and show steps to follow to feel like you truly belong.

Vikki’s first book, Sacred Animal Activism: A Mission of Love for Animals, a memoir about her journey to find her mission to help animals, was released in February 2021 and is available as an ebook worldwide.

Other books by Vikki Koplick

Sacred Animal Activism

Born in the 1960s, nature child Vikki knew she wanted to help animals, but due to life circumstances became an Enrolled Nurse, helping people instead. Her dreams of becoming a veterinarian and poet were long gone, as was her dream of serving the world... Until the questions "Why am I here?" and "Who am I?" prompted Vikki to search through New Age books and attend festivals to seek answers to this mystery.
In 2012, Vikki went to a festival, beginning a spiritual journey to discover her creative side and her chance to help animals. Vikki learned how to be an energy healer for herself and animals.
Vikki is also passionate about animal activism. Activism had often brought up feelings of hopelessness and rage for Vikki. She soon realised her soul had the answers to creating a bette r relationship with animals, because it loves unconditionally and understands polarity. Through the seminars, Vikki learned about sacred activism, which defused the anger and pain caused by ordinary activism.
In 'Sacred Animal Activism', Vikki shares the ways her soul and divine connection have uplifted her from rage at and hopelessness over humanity’s relationship with animals to a place of peace and joy . Click here to read more.








The Soul
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