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Sweet and Bitter

Pamiela Berenson

Travel to know yourself – beware the consequences

1962, a time in the Western world emerging from society’s constraints. Annabelle is soon to be married. Having lived her life as the perfect daughter, she feels stifled. She requests one year to travel and learn about herself. Against the wishes of those closest to her, she sails away.

Life is wonderful. Opportunity arrives and Annabelle travels to her dream destination, the Aegean Sea and the Greek islands.

Temptation pulls her in. She finds herself in deep, murky waters. Her knowledge of the world has not prepared her for what is to happen.



About the Author

Born in England, Pamiela moved with her parents to New Zealand, aged seven. Shortly after arriving she was sent to a remote boarding school situated on seventy-five acres of land. The school focussed on a healthy food philosophy with an emphasis on nature and the arts.

It was difficult to adjust as a day pupil at a conservative high school. Nevertheless, she passed her exams and attended a full-time business college for a year. Always saving, aged nineteen she returned to England. Using that country as her base she travelled around Europe and the Middle East for four years, taking jobs when money was short.

Returning to New Zealand for a few months, she moved to Sydney, Australia, where she remains. Her working life has been varied but predominantly in the travel industry, advertising and for many years for a government environmental agency.

Throughout her life she has been involved in creative pursuits including painting, drawing, ceramics, mural painting, dancing, acting and of course, writing. Now living near the beach, she loves to swim and snorkel.
A chance holiday break on a small, remote island in the Southern part of the Great Barrier Reef with no electricity, she started writing her first novel.

Settling into a café for a late morning breakfast of porridge or bircher meusli, Pamiela finds the atmospheric buzz inspires her writing.

Writing is a passion and like life, a journey of adventure.



Sweet and Bitter by Pamiela Berenson
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Format: eBook
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