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Target 2013

Dion Perry

On one frosty morning John’s world is thrown into chaos when he witnesses a hit and run car accident, which leaves the sole occupant, Julia, badly injured. John immediately suspects foul play and uses his remote viewing skills to search deeper. He discovers that Julia is a master researcher, who has uncovered a conspiracy — and has been targeted for termination by the Shadow Men to prevent her from revealing the truth.

Having been healed by John from her life-threatening injuries, Julia is determined to expose the Shadow Men as well as survive the coming event horizons. However, she has no idea how deep the conspiracy is or to what length some men will go to prevent her from exposing them, and the truths that could save thousands, if not millions, of lives…




Target 2013 | Published by Vivid Publishing
Published : May 2011
Format : Paperback A format 478pp
ISBN : 9781921787478
Publisher : VIVID Publishing
Category : Fiction