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James Pratt

The Nazis are back and they've gone digital

When Donald Macleod, a scion of the mobile phone industry, suspects that subliminal messages transmitted over a German mobile phone network are impacting local by-elections in favour of the Neo-Nazi candidates, he sets out to find proof. To do so, he must confront Heinrich Von Scheer, owner of the German network. But before he can, Donald’s plane crashes in the Swiss Alps and he is missing, presumed killed. His son, Jack, suspects Von Scheer, and determines to expose him. But Jack soon finds himself the subject of a Europe-wide manhunt, pursued by the Neo-Nazis as well as the authorities. Desperate and on the run, Jack seeks the help of his friend, Harry Donovan, and Fabiana Santini, an Interpol inspector who risks everything for this case – and for love.
As the murder mystery deepens, Jack enlists more assistance in the form of a Swedish professor, a reformed Dutch smuggler, an embittered French telecommunications executive and a mysterious protector. Before he is hunted down, Jack must reach England – and the one man on earth who can help them …



James Pratt is a Scottish born Australian who dropped out of high school in the mid sixties to join the British Merchant Navy. He started his career in telecommunications as a PMG radio and television lineman, climbing 600 feet radio and television towers and masts and travelling extensively throughout Queensland. In the late seventies, he moved into sales and slowly clawed his way up the management ladder, before becoming a telecommunications CEO and Managing Director in Hong Kong and Australia. In 2002-2003 he represented the mobile telecommunications industry as Chairman of the Global GSM Association. He has spoken as an industry expert at numerous global conferences and has had several articles published over the years in various telecommunications industry magazines, as well as one feature article in the Sunday South China Morning Post.



Georgie-Girl by Shirley Eldridge
Published : March 2012
Format : 368pp 152mm x 229mm PB
RRP: $29.99
ISBN : 9781921787782
Publisher : VIVID Publishing
Category : Adult fiction.

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