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The Anger Prison



"Anger prisons have no bars, they have no guards, they exist entirely inside a prisoner's head."

Beba has lived inside her very own 'Anger Prison' since she was born. Her mother had always claimed to be the legitimate daughter of an Orthodox Minister, a man of God; never revealing his true identity -- that being Gavrilo Princip, the man who fired the shots that precipitated World War I.

This book tells the story of how Beba came to discover who her grandfather really was, revealing a secret kept from the world for over 100 years.

A harrowing portrayal of childhood neglect in which Beba's early years are shaped by difficult family-relations, lies and betrayals. Beba's narcissistic parents continue to haunt her until she finally breaks free from them, armed with only the willpower to keep going.

An eye-opening account of Australia through the decades - from sexism in the workplace in the 1960s, to life in multicultural Western Sydney, to the challenges of being a woman with no real roots, this is a memoir that packs a serious punch. Beba may have been voiceless, but thanks to her determination to always turn a new-leaf, she is living proof that what doesn't break you, only makes you stronger.

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" A remarkable memoir of the resilience of the human spirit, when trapped in a lifetime of abuse, mystery and lies. Brilliantly written with witty, sarcastic honesty while searching for the truth."
Vivian Waring, author of When Tears Ran Dry

"Anger Prison is a moving story of unbearable abuse by parents and employers and neglect by the Australian legal system. It is well written and, to my mind, shows the author really is a stronger person than she gives herself credit for."
-- Pat Kelly, author of Shadow of the Wheel


About the Author

Beba is an unremarkable woman with a somewhat remarkable history. Born in former Yugoslavia in 1952, she moved to her beloved Sydney at age two, with her parents and older brother. She grew up in the Western Suburbs, where she still lives today.

She attended Granville South Public School for her primary school years and Rosehill Girls Junior High for the next phase of her education, finally the Metropolitan Business College in Parramatta to learn office skills, shorthand and typing. She got her first job, at age sixteen, with MLC Insurance in Sydney. She worked for 25 years in various and numerous office jobs as well as running her own business for a time, a women’s fashion boutique, in Westfield Parramatta in the mid 1980s.

In the early 1990s, she was unfairly dismissed from the Federal Attorney General’s Department, twice — first in 1991 then again in 1993. Following an unprecedented court win in 1995, she was compensated for the injuries caused as a result of the dismissals; making history as the first person to receive workers compensation for an unfair dismissal. 
She married in 1974 and had her only child, a daughter, in 1979. She lives alone, happily, following her divorce. She enjoys theatre and writing plays, winning a play writing competition in 2009. She has never revealed to anyone, who she believes her grandfather really was, and expects the revelation to shock her family and friends as the secret is revealed, for the first time, in her memoir — The Anger Prison.



The Anger Prison by Beba
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ISBN: 9781922409010
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