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The Biology of Government

Greg Lawrence

A Primer for Politicians

The premise of this book is that the role of government is to look to the well-being of the people and to maintain and improve the quality of the environment. In other words, government is animal husbandry and ecosystem management – it is applied biology.

Following this line the author examines the physical and mental needs of human beings, including the special needs of children, and how governments might best provide for these needs. He then brings a biologist’s eye to the requirements for a healthy society; crime and punishment; and gods and religion.

The responsibility of governments as ecosystem managers is explored by examining the ability of the world to produce enough food to feed itself, both now and in the future: environmental problems and abuses that are and will limit food production, from both the land and the sea, are identified. Potential “nightmare scenarios” arising from global warming and climate change, population increase, acidic and oxygen-deficient oceans and the rise of antibiotic-resistant bacteria are examined.



About the Author

Born and raised in South Australia, the author developed an interest in the natural world from an early age. He obtained a Bachelor of Agricultural Science degree and Ph.D. in genetics at The University of Adelaide. From 1982 until his retirement in 2011 he worked as a research scientist for the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation, Division of Plant Industry, in Canberra. Here his principal research interest was elucidating the molecular basis of disease resistance in plants. He currently continues this interest part-time as an honorary fellow. Outside of work he enjoys bushwalking, cross-country skiing and growing tomatoes.







The Biology of Government by Greg Lawrence
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