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The Ghost of Billabong Speaks

Dr. Farvardin Daliri


In 1984, Dr Farvardin Daliri, OAM, chose Australia as a place of refuge for his small family, offering social justice, equality, human rights and democracy. This book is his reflection on four decades working for social cohesion, multiculturalism and reconciliation, mostly in regional Australia. It’s also the story of Townsville’s long-running Cultural Fest, an annual celebration of unity in diversity.

Dr Daliri argues it’s time to recognise Australia’s inherently inclusive culture, the true Australian Cultural Narrative which is often suppressed by the media and in political and educational sectors. He believes this generous, grassroots’ ethos is embodied in the call. “You’ll come a-waltzing Matilda, with me” in Banjo Paterson’s famous song.
The Ghost of the Billabong, he argues, has a unifying and healing message for all who have made Australia home. In his opinion, the current model of multiculturalism, with its related policies from both sides of politics, has no commitment to reuniting and reconciling all Australians. Instead, solvable differences had been let fester to divisions. He identifies what’s missing within today’s multiculturalism discourse and policies and offers a fresh, unifying and common ground for all to share.

In doing so, he acknowledges his insights are likely to be controversial. But he feels compelled to share his thoughts and experiences. He writes, “I love this country and will not stand by and watch the social ills I left behind when I ran away as a refugee emerge like mushrooms around my neighbourhood. Writing this book is the least that I can do.”


About the Author

Dr. Farvardin Daliri

Dr Farvardin Daliri OAM was brought up in Tehran, Iran. After leaving Iran as a teenager he gained a Bachelor degree in Fine Arts and a postgraduate research qualification from Lucknow University in India.

Dr Daliri arrived in Australia in 1984. He completed a Bachelor of Education at Latrobe University and a Masters of Education at Monash University. He graduated for his Doctoral thesis in Education at James Cook University in 2005. His thesis explored the educational predicament of Indigenous children and their discursive cultural dislocation at the point of entering school. 

Dr Daliri is a professional artist both as a painter and a sculptor. He also specialises in self-awareness, meditation and emotional intelligence. Dr Daliri regularly runs self awareness and mediation courses. He also teaches practical techniques for overcoming stress, anxiety and depression. Dr Daliri's courses in Cross Cultural training, emotional intelligence, stress management, and self awareness are highly successful and recommended.

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The Ghost of Billabong Speaks by Dr. Farvardin Daliri
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