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The Healing Art of Spirit

Charmaine Wilson

Love & loss, life & the afterlife

The Healing Art of Spirit is a compassionate guide for those seeking solace after the loss of a loved one. When the world as you knew it ends, and everyone around you continues on, how will you find your new normal? 

Be guided to:
   – Navigate the darkest days with self-compassion
   – Reframe loss with gratitude for gifts received 
   – Transform bitterness into wisdom
   – Forgive the past and embrace the present
   – Open your heart to those still here, and
  –  Recognise the signs your spirit folk send.

The hummingbird knows there is sweetness hidden beneath the hard exterior of bitter experience. You, too, can discover light, laughter and happiness again.



About the Author

Tom Trifonoff

Charmaine Wilson is a world-renowned medium, praised for her psychic skill and compassion, who awoke to her gift in 1999 and began this work in 2002. Winner of Channel Seven’s inaugural season of The One, she was also honoured as Australian Psychic of the Year in 2005 and Queensland Psychic of the Year in 2008. Charmaine tours and runs workshops around Australia throughout the year. 

Like many, Charmaine has endured great heartache. Her four-year-old daughter and her brother both died in tragic accidents, and her mother passed in late 2006. These losses deepened and made personal her understanding and empathy as a medium and bring a poignant dimension to her spiritual insight. Charmaine is dedicated to delivering accurate information and consoling wisdom from the spirit world to her audience.



The Healing Art of Spirit by Charmaine Wilson
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ISBN: 978-1-925846-58-4
Format: Paperback 203mm x 133mm
Extent: 154 pages
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Publisher: Vivid Publishing
Category: Self Help -- Grief & Loss
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