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The Holder of the Key

Richard Dive

They must never come together... There are many legends that have been lost to this world, but none more important than that of the Elysian Gifts. The hunt is on for these items, which might have the power to save, or destroy, our world.

There is far more to this world than we know. Humanity as we know it has only been around for a blink of an eye when compared to the world we live in, and only a fraction of that history has been recorded. The rest has been forgotten, lost in time and conflict untold. Myth was our only like to the time before time, thought to be the only link to those who came before... but they left something behind. An indestructible key, an indecipherable language, a recurring reference to a place called Elysia, and a warning: “THEY MUST NEVER COME TOGETHER”.

Locke College archaeologist-in-training Adam Thorne finds himself drawn into the search for these mysterious lost items of Elysia, one that has spanned from the dawn of the Roman Empire, under the wing of philanthropist and business magnate Lucius Hart. Adam and his team will soon learn that there is a great deal more to these artefacts than can be seen on the surface. Their first destination: an ancient shrine hidden deep within the Mojave Desert.

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About the Author

richard dive

Richard Dive is an author based in Sydney, New South Wales. He attended The Kings School in Parramatta and studied a Bachelor of Creative Arts (International Studies) at Macquarie University, during which time he worked as in intern at Automatic Pictures in Los Angeles.





The Holder of the Key by Richard Dive
ISBN: 9781921787928
Format: ebook
Extent: 246 pages
RRP: $6.99 (ebook)
Publisher: Vivid Publishing
Category: Young Adults--Fiction.