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The Janus Reaction

M.F. Ball


The Janus Reaction tells the story of a boy of great promise born into the destruction of World War 1 within war-torn London.
His family of roots still firmly Up-North centre the boy and his three sisters as all four are nurtured towards great things albeit in vastly different directions.
Yet it is our boy who is nurtured into a most impressive man only for those he admires most to create of this young man a monster who could change the course of history, were he of a mind to so do.
The characters he passes on the winding road to his destiny; both colourful and dark; real and imaginary, exhibit the very best and the most challenging of man’s behaviour as our story travels through the ravages of World War II in Russia and Paris.
Hardened and torn by the experience of wars overt conflict and in assassin subversion our boy meets his most challenging role and that which might change the world as we know it today.


About the Author

Michael is an engineer, an aspiring writer and poet; a son of the land of the long white cloud with four generations of kiwi in his veins who now calls Australia home embracing the joys of Brisbane living and coal mine working.
A husband and father who is still trying to learn the ropes.
An engineer, through many years of toil, constructing renewable energy power stations across the globe.
An athlete who represented his country internationally in the sports Bobsleigh and Decathlon.









The Janus Reaction by M.F. Ball
ISBN: 9781925171433
Format: Paperback 203mm x 133mm
Extent: 224 pages
RRP: $19.95
Publisher: Vivid Publishing
Category: Historical Fiction
Distribution: Out of Print